D's Blings welcomes you to our website.

Feel free to browse our products.  If interested in purchasing any to carry in your shop or for personal use, just give us a call.  Based on the popularity of our products it's very difficult to keep all inventory on our website.  

Empowerment Pouches are our primary product.  A creation we are very proud of for it's uniqueness and it's ability to provide the wearer a way to embrace the properties of crystals in an attractive and natural piece of leather.  Each piece is handmade and unique.  For more details please view the Empowerment Pouch section.

Small Leather Pouches are our latest creation to hold your special stones et al..  While at shows 

Our Boot Blings actually come from D's long love for country western dancing in the southwest.  Retiring her cowgirl boots when she moved to the east coast she was amazed that with the seasonal wearing of boots on this side of the country no one was accessorizing.  Ds Boot Blings were created to address this fashion gap.

Bare Blings - What more can we say......if it's summer, accessorize!

doTerra Essential Oils Blings are a specific product for individuals who love their essential oils and want a convenient way to carry them.  Most have miniature defusers as a part of the bling helpful in using "hot oils" without applying them directly to the body.

Tibetan Quartz